Dental Checkup in Vancouver: Signs of a Cracked Dental Filling

Studies show that around 90% of adults will experience dental issues that require fillings. Such as tooth decay or common cavities that need fillings.

Because of this, many people are likely to experience cracked dental fillings. Something that needs a dental checkup in Vancouver to repair filling cracks before they get worse.

This is a dental issue that you shouldn't ignore, as it can cause many problems. So you will need to start the process of repairing filling cracks before they worsen.

Keep reading to find out more about the causes of filing cracks and the dental filling shelf life.


The majority of people with a cracked tooth filling will have severe sensitivity. Mostly when they are chewing food, as this irritates the tooth and the gum surrounding it.

You may also feel sensitivity to hot or cool temperatures as your tooth is damaged. If not treated, this could become so severe that it is hard to eat and drink.

Your likelihood of a cracked filling can also depend on the filling materials. There are different kinds of fillings, all with their own downsides that could result in cracking.

Strange Sensations

If you have a cracked tooth filling, this will often feel very strange. You may hear or feel the moment it cracks as it can make a noise or feel like there is an object in your mouth.

Many describe it as feeling like there is a hard object in or around that tooth. This can make eating feel strange if it feels like there is something obstructing your tooth.

Anyone is at risk of having their fillings crack, depending on the situation. Some causes of filling cracks are from pressure, grinding, or clenching your teeth.

Bacteria may have also worked their way under the filling, growing over time. Something that can also result in cracking, which will need to be repaired.

Noticeable Damage

You may also be able to feel the damage on that tooth with your tongue. Many people can feel the crack or split with their tongue, and it may even be sharp to the touch.

Depending on where it is, you may be able to see the damage as well. Replacing dental fillings will be necessary when this happens, especially if it is a severe crack.

The dental filling shelf life is anywhere from 5 to 20 years, depending on the type of filling. So many people may have to have their fillings replaced at some point.

Painful Sensations

If your tooth is cracked, you will often feel sharp sensations. This pain will be sharp and quick, usually only occurring if food or drink makes contact with the cracked filling.

Rinsing the area off should help the pain, but the filling will need to be prepared to resolve the issue.

Dental Checkup in Vancouver for Cracked Filling

If you suspect that you have a cracked filling, you should have a dental checkup in Vancouver. This will need to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Do you have the symptoms of a cracked filling? Contact us today at Cypress Dental to schedule your appointment.