Modern Dental Techniques vs. Dentistry Of Old

Dentistry has come a long way. When it comes to patient experience, it may have been painful and uncomfortable in the past. But with new dental innovations, patients are now much more comfortable during their dental appointments, and most procedures are pain-free. This article will talk about old dentistry vs. modern dental techniques.

What are Old Dental Practices Like?

Today, going to the dentist feels like a pampering session to some people. Dental chairs have padded headrests, and you can even watch TV. Years ago, you'll hear patients cringing in pain at the dental clinic and possibly full of dread thinking about their treatment.

There were also interesting theories about how cavities developed. In some places in China, Japan, and Greece, people had believed that cavities were caused by worms creating holes into and within your teeth, which we now know is not the case.

In Egypt, loose teeth were treated using honey, yellow ochre and ground barley. They use various drilling methods for tooth extraction, and you can imagine how painful this is without any anesthesia. It wasn't until 1550 B.C. that they discovered how to manage pain.

There was also a higher rate of morbidity from advanced dental infections due to the lack of proper treatment. Thankfully, dentistry has evolved and is significantly better today.

Modern Dental Care

Today, digital imaging is readily available, and it's incredibly helpful for diagnosing dental issues. Dentists can easily take X-rays of your teeth, save them, and compare them with past images to help monitor the progression of your dental health. 3D images and videos are also available to help dental professionals diagnose and treat dental problems. These technologies can now be used to educate and show the patient areas of concern or areas that need treatment.

As mentioned, dental offices today are much more comfortable. Patients can entertain themselves while waiting for their turn, and entertainment is even available for the family members. Compared to old dentistry, going to the dentist is less associated with anxiety or stress. Most dental professionals offer pain-free and stress-free dental treatment. Cypress dental offers sedation options for our patient with high dental anxiety. You can forget about those primitive dental practices that create an unpleasant experience for the patient.

How Dental Treatment Has Changed

In the past, medical professionals were clueless about what causes tooth pain, jaw pain or facial pain. But today, there is more data, diagnostic tools, technologies, and resources to help address all your dental needs. Cosmetic treatments can greatly enhance your teeth or even completely change your smile. Bridges, crowns, dental veneers and dental implants can help patients treat dental problems, such as misshapen, broken, loose, and missing teeth. Also, instead of waiting weeks, it is possible to even have your dental crowns made in one day. Different therapies and removable appliances can help relieve pain caused by TMJ disorders that affect muscles and joints.

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