Painless Root Canal by Gentle Dentist

You No Longer Need to Worry About Painful Root Canals

The often-irrational fear of having a root canal is common even though in most cases there is nothing to fear.  Cypress Dental root canal treatment could be one of the most comfortable dental procedures that you ever have. Root canals have been the cause of normally calm, rational adults turning into puddles of nerves for as long as there have been root canals. Slight pain or discomfort afterward a procedure is common, but it is only temporary, and it is not from the nerve or your tooth root.

Ways a Gentle Dentist Can Help Make Root Canal Treatment Free of Pain

One of the first things that will happen once you get situated in your dentist's chair is that you will be local anesthetic in the area around the tooth that will be receiving the root canal treatment. The shot might sting a bit, but it is to make the area numb so that you do not feel pain when the dentist is working on the root of your bad tooth. You will probably feel pressure in the area, but you should not feel pain. If you do, let your dentist know.

You Will Be Able to Keep Your Natural Teeth

Having a root canal can help you be able to keep your natural teeth. Letting tooth decay continue to the point of constant pain can result in an abscess and the need to have the infected tooth extracted. A tooth receiving root canal treatment might hurt for a while, and that is probably why you sought out a dentist. Once you have the root canal done, your tooth will no longer hurt from the root being damaged and exposed, and you will still have your natural tooth in place.

Crowns Protect Your Tooth

Once the root and nerve are removed, your dentist will fill the hole in your tooth with a biocompatible material. You will need to return for a visit to finish up the root canal treatment and possibly have a crown put on the tooth. Having a crown in place will protect your tooth from fractures and have you back eating normally as you did before your tooth pain.

Speed Helps to Have Less Pain

Modern dental methods of root canal therapy make it possible for your dentist to take care of your hurting tooth in less time than in the past. The time spent being stressed out about the procedure can add to pain that could be imagined. The speed and ability of your dentist to do the job could mean that your time spent in their chair will be with little or no fear.

Our Goal is a Patient With No Fear

The goal of our gentle dentist is to make this as pleasant a procedure as it can be. Most people would rather never go to the dentist, but we hope to make this a positive experience so you will no longer fear going to the dentist. Start the new year with a visit for teeth cleaning and you'll be on your way to a healthy mouth.