The 3 Main Steps Involved in Getting Dental Veneers

A specialist in dental veneers can give you a new smile in three main steps. It is possible to keep your natural teeth and have a new outlook on life with the procedures involved in having dental veneers put in place. Dental veneers from Cypress Dental cover the front of each tooth instead of the whole tooth as with crowns. After your initial consultation to discuss your desire for veneers, the main steps involved include:

1. Preparing Your Teeth and Making a Mold

Your dental veneer specialist will begin by reshaping part of your teeth to make a room for the veneer to go. If your existing teeth are concave or is tucked behind another tooth, the preparation of the tooth may be more conservative or could even be a no prep veneer. This procedure will be done with a local anesthetic to keep you as comfortable as possible.

After your teeth are appropriately prepared, a digital mold of your teeth will be taken. This is to ensure that the shape of the veneers looks as real as your natural teeth. Different processes are used for this step, depending on the dentist's equipment and/or the lab she uses. Dr. Chien uses a digital intraoral scanner to help make the process more comfortable and efficient.

2. Selecting the Right Shade for You

Selecting the perfect shade for your dental veneers is one of the most important steps in the whole process. You want your veneers to match the color of your existing teeth when you smile. If you are having veneers on all of your teeth, you might choose to have a slightly different shade of white. Some people's natural teeth have a yellow tint, while others can have a gray tint. Most people don't realize that a totally bright white smile is not as natural looking as one with a slight tint to it. Our dental labs will do custom shading for you at no extra charge.

3. Temporary and Permanent Veneers

Your dental veneers can usually be completed in one visit at Cypress Dental. Sometimes it is necessary to have a temporary set of veneers put on your teeth until the permanent ones are ready. Dr. Chien will make sure your permanent dental veneers fit on your teeth and in your mouth, so you won't even know they are there.

Dr. Chien will explain the process every step of the way, and when you leave the office after your initial consultation, you will know what to expect when you return for your new dental veneers. Call Cypress Dental today for a consultation with Dr. Samantha Chien about getting dental veneers in Vancouver. You can have that smile you've always dreamed of.