Cypress Dental straight teeth

There’s more to straight teeth than a perfect smile

Have you ever considered getting braces, clear aligners/Invisalign, or orthodontic treatment? There are more than just esthetic benefits to having straight teeth. There are many health benefits as well:

Better Oral Care:

When your teeth are aligned properly it is much easier to keep them clean. Crowding can make it more difficult to get your toothbrush and floss around your teeth to remove plaque because the teeth may be hiding behind each other or the contacts may be very tight from the crowding.  You may notice your dentist informing you that you have cavities forming between the teeth even though you brush and floss every day. With crooked teeth, it is much more difficult to maintain good oral hygiene even if you have good oral habits.

Improving Your Bite:

Orthodontics can also be used to properly align and balance your bite. The bite is a term to describe the way your upper and lower teeth fit together. If you have gaps in your bite from missing teeth or poorly aligned teeth it can start to affect the way you chew and digest food. Over time you may notice your jaw beginning to hurt or become sore after eating. This is because a poorly aligned bite will make your jaw work harder to chew. This can lead to temporomandibular (jaw) problems and can cause jaw-related headaches. An unbalanced bite will also lead to some teeth to having more pressure during chewing or clenching, which can lead to tooth soreness crack lines or even tooth fractures.


Confidence in oneself is shown to increase success in your life. Being unhappy with your smile or always trying to hide it can affect your self-esteem. Having a smile that you are happy to show off can help with social anxiety, better productivity, and overall happiness.

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment or want to know if it would be a good option for you, come see us at Cypress Dental. We offer treatments with both clear aligners and braces for kids and adults. To learn more about the different options available, visit our Orthodontics page or click here to visit our smile gallery.